A Piece of Religious History in Voroklini

The hilly district of Voroklini – which enjoys views of both coasts and mountains - is attracting visitors to its old water burrow that has great historic and religious significance.

The ‘laoumi’, as it is called, is located at the foot of a mountain and is attributed to Saint Catherine. Its drinkable waters were believed to be holy due to a small cave next to the burrow that held an icon of the saint where the villagers would light candles in her name.

The villagers eventually built a small aqueduct a few metres along where the water now runs through two taps, whilst a small chapel in honour of Saint Catherine was built next to the old ‘laoumi’.

There used to also be a second water burrow located 300 metres away, which no longer exists. The water was too salty for human consumption so was used for animals.

Voroklini also has other significant religious monuments, namely the hill-top church of Prophet Elias – which is 500 years old, the 17th century church of Archangel Michael, and the 10th century monastery of Saint Thomas which has been restored.

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