Incentive Scheme Launched for Airlines

The LTB and Larnaka Municipality have launched an exciting new incentive scheme aimed at airlines that add new routes to Larnaka International Airport, or increase the frequency of their existing ones.

As a thank you for their commitment to Larnaka - and in a bid to assist them promote their Larnaka routes on-island - airlines that fit the criteria will be offered one month’s complimentary poster advertising for the new routes in five key points.

The posters are 1.60 metres in height and 1 metre in width, displayed prominently at eye-level in areas frequented by a high volume of people. Their locations are some of the most popular spots of the region, thus giving airlines an excellent promotional advantage that would normally be costly.

The complimentary advertising is also available as a ‘promotion exchange’ to airlines that can offer a corresponding advertisement of Larnaka and their new route to Larnaka abroad – a form of teamwork that will bring mutual benefit to both parties!

Interested airlines are required to reserve their advertisement space in advance to ensure that their chosen locations are not already in use at the chosen time.

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