New Hotels to Welcome Visitors in 2015

As Larnaka’s popularity continues to rise, the town is responding to the influx of visitors with a host of new hotels scheduled to open in 2015.

The five hotels consist of a mixture of brand new establishments and reinstated and adapted buildings, spread out across the town to offer a better variety of accommodation.

The Ciao Stelio hotel in the popular area of McKenzie will open its doors in April next year and has a capacity of 102 beds. The area of Saint Lazarus with its grand church and quaint square will also see two new openings in the first quarter of 2015; Mikes Kanarium, an intimate hotel of 52 beds, and a unique boutique hotel of 35 beds that will be split between a restored, listed house and a modern complex.

The town centre’s shopping street of Zenonos Kitieos – which runs parallel to the Foinikoudes promenade - will have a new city hotel in spring, complete with 58 beds and a roof-top swimming pool. Another city/boutique hotel will also open near the historic American Academy private school, and will offer easy access to the town centre.

Finally, the coastal strip of Dekeleia Road – where the majority of existing hotels are situated – will see the reinstatement of Lenios hotel, which was previously closed for a period.  Aside from these new hotels, construction work on an ambitious luxury hotel complex on the Foinikoudes strip will also begin by the beginning of 2016.

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