A Promising Year Ahead

As we enter 2014, the future of Larnaka is looking as bright as the sun that shines on the town. The Larnaka Tourism Board and Larnaka Municipality are continuing their combined efforts to make the region a top destination, and many of the projects started in 2013 will come to fruition with additional ones added. Larnaka’s Mayor – Mr Andreas Louroutziatis – has outlined some of the plans and goals for 2014, pledging that Larnaka will continue to grow and develop despite the tough financial climate that endured during 2013.

One of the most anticipated projects is that of the Piale Pashia promenade that links the seafront castle to the hot spot of Mackenzie beach. The redevelopment of this area is due to finish in June, in time for the summer season, and will make the coastal front more than five kilometres in length - and one of the biggest and best on the island. The famous Foinikoudes promenade will gain a greener look to accompany its distinctive palm-trees, due for completion by the middle of the year.

The urban areas of Larnaka are also in the middle of ambitious changes, including the major road improvement project in the area of Larnaka’s GSZ stadium that links the town to the motorway of Nicosia, and encompasses the area around the main hospital.

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