A Unique Fusion of Medicine and Art

Larnaka is very proud to have a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2017 in its midst, and even more so that Dr Marios Kyriazis is active in contributing to the town’s culture with the Kyriazis Medical Museum, which is also currently holding its first art exhibition.

The ‘Women in MedArts’ exhibition features four female artists who will be participating with pieces that ‘explore, intervene and represent the importance of medicine through their art and craftsmanship.’

The exhibition runs until June 27; opening hours are Wednesday and Saturday only, 9am – 12.30pm. Entrance is free. The exhibition will close with a lecture ‘Inspiration and Neurology’ by Dr Kyriazis.

Dr Kyriazis is founder of the museum; a Biomedical Gerontologist, candidate for the Nobel Prize in Medicine 2017, and winner of the Man of the Year (Scientist) 2017.

He created the non-profit, NGO Kyriazis Medical Museum in 2008. Located in the town centre, and housed in a traditional 1927 mansion, the unique museum showcases the medical, healing and health history of Cyprus, and its strong connections throughout Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Ottoman period.

Exhibits range from Ancient Roman times to the 1980's, including old books, documents, traditional pharmaceutical furniture, medical items and equipment, amongst other exhibits. There is also a 'health corner', serving herbal teas and providing medical literature for reading.

Whilst the museum is great to visit all-year-round, the ‘Women in MedArts’ exhibition offers an added opportunity to also enjoy artwork from the talented Maria Aristidou, Marisa Satsia, Katerina Stavrou and Ariana V. Zakou too.

More information can be found here.

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