Creating a World-Class Diving Destination

With Larnaka boasting one of the top 10 wreck dives in the world – the famous Zenobia wreck, the region is already on the global map of premier destinations for underwater sports… a reputation that is soon set to be given an exciting new boost!

This autumn will see the creation of an artificial reef in Voroklini area, along with an additional, dedicated snorkelling area, further cementing Larnaka’s status for having some of the best seas for discovering vibrant underwater worlds.

Although this will be Larnaka’s first officially designed artificial reef, others have been successfully deployed on the island since 2009, quickly increasing marine life and enriching the island’s waters through the organised sinking of various vessels, some of which are then designated as protected marine-life areas. We are very pleased that our existing wrecks will be joined by a further attraction for diving fans – both old and new – making Larnaka a significant diving destination worldwide.

Several of Larnaka’s coasts are already highly popular for snorkelling, especially the Meneou-Kiti area, which is considered to be one of the richest areas in terms of marine biodiversity due to the abundance of Posidonia Oceanica. Commonly known as Neptune Grass or Mediterranean tapeweed, Posidonia Oceanica is a seagrass species endemic to the Mediterranean Sea, and is a very important part of the ecosystem. Larnaka's seas are ideal for children to snorkel too, thanks to the shallow, clear waters that reveal many varieties of sea life just below the water’s surface.

So, watch this space, for more fishy news on the ongoing developments of the projects and updates on how they are thriving!

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