At One with the Sea with SUP Yoga

Yoga on the beach is already a popular pastime on the island, but now there is a yoga class with a difference as you take your moves off the sand and into the sea, balancing atop a board!

The Stand Up Paddle Boards are what give this unique yoga its acronym of SUP Yoga. These giant surfboards are large and sturdy enough to support you and add an extra challenge and dimension to the yoga class, enhanced by the gentle lapping of the waves and the fresh sea breeze.

The sessions are being run by the KiteMed Kitesurfing School, located on the Softades - Kiti beach known as ‘The Spot’. Classes begin at 9am when the sea is calm and are around 75 minutes long. Beginning with a warm-up class on the beach, this is followed by a brief on SUP Yoga. After paddling out to sea, the class continues with gentle yoga on the board and finishes with seated relaxation. The use of the paddle board is a great way to build strength in your core muscles as well as improve balance, and everyone can benefit with or without prior yoga or SUP experience.

For more information on the yoga or class times (which can be private or group), call Panayiotis Kounnides on Tel: 9958 8642.

Salt Lake