Discover Why They Always Come Back

With the new season comes a hot new campaign for Larnaka tourism, and our most loyal repeat visitors star in the leading role, showing everyone why Larnaka is such a great lifetime experience destination.

We are of course referring to Larnaka’s mascot, the Great Flamingo, who is a very big fan of Larnaka during the winter season. Just as the bird visits in its flocks, year after year, so do tourists, who favour all the diversity and authenticity of the region.

The new slogan ‘They always come back’ plays on the flamingo’s enduring love affair with Larnaka, and how the region has the highest percentage of repeat visitors amongst the seaside areas of the island at 60% - testament to its broad appeal, which embraces a number of unique features, including many traditional Cypriot experiences.

Our friendly flamingos are more than happy to lead you to all the information on Larnaka – including our newly revamped website. All you have to do is ‘follow the flamingo’… not only to the website and social media pages, but also around Larnaka, where you will find nine fun cut-outs at some of the major attractions.

Having unveiled the new campaign at the LTB AGM and the end of May, the flamingos will now be appearing frequently in the promotion of Larnaka, so as they say,  follow them - and discover why they can’t get enough of the region!

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