Discovering Ancient Treasures

Larnaka is proud of its status as the oldest inhabited town on the island, and there are new discoveries about the ancient city of Kition (as it was known) being made all the time.

Most recently, the French Archaeological Mission uncovered new treasures of the ancient city of Kítion and its necropolis, which were recently unveiled during a lecture at the Pierides – Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation Museum by Dr Sabine Fourrier, director of the French Archaeological Mission of Kition and Salamis.

Dr Fourrier gave an overview of the findings, and explained that at the site of Bamboula, excavations revealed the presence of a Phoenician sanctuary and a military harbour. At the site of Pervolia, in the North-Western cemeteries of the ancient city, work has concentrated on the exploration of Archaic and Classical tombs (8th-4th centuries B.C.). Dr Fourrier says that this has yielded important results as regards the funerary rites of the ancient Kitians.

A second lecture by Dr George Georgiou will take place on April 22 at the museum, detailing the excavations, their exciting discoveries and the fascinating insight they offer into ancient Larnaka further. For more info click here.

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