Fishing at Zygi Village – An Authentic Cypriot Experience

The Larnaka district fishing village of Zygi is famous for its fresh fish with locals regularly making the journey there from all over the island just to enjoy a seafood meal. The small village boasts beautiful coastal scenery and a newly completed Fishing Reserve that is the perfect place for an idyllic stroll to see the local fisherman at work.

Zygi is one of the richest breeding grounds for different types of fish on the island, including sea bream, red mullet, parrotfish, rabbit fish, octopus, cuttlefish and squid. Thanks to a recent initiative co-financed by the European Fisheries Fund and the Larnaka District Development Agency – entitled ‘Zygi Boat Adventures’ - visitors can now experience the traditional fishing methods first-hand.

The authentic fishing trips take place in a traditional fishing boat with the local fisherman casting their nets for the morning catch. As you explore the caves and coves of the area looking for the best fish, the professional tour guide will entertain you with stories of the sea and the history of fishing on the island.

The trip starts at 7am and last for three hours. Drinks and snacks such as freshly baked savouries and fresh seasonal fruit are also included.

To reserve your place, contact: 9967 3878 / 9788 5454, or visit for more details.


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