Foinikoudes New Face

Following the extensive upgrade of the Piale Pasha sea road, the popular and distinctive promenade of Foinikoudes has also been ‘spruced up for spring’!

The fresh new facelift is well underway, with some of the improvements fully completed and others continuing through the season. So far, Europe Square – located at the start of the strip by the old Colonial buildings - has been repaved and given attractive new abstract-boat benches. The lighting along its length has also been replaced to be more energy efficient as part of the municipality’s efforts for a greener city, and the Seafront Stage, which hosts many performances throughout the year, has also been given a new look.

Still underway is the planting of grass and the completion of new pedestrian paving. The beachfront will also take on a new, more streamlined appearance when all the beach facilities (sunbeds and umbrellas) become uniform, under the sole management of the municipality – a move designed to provide a smoother service to beachgoers, and give the coast a more defined look.

All in all, the strip will keep its unique identity, but will be enhanced by subtle, aesthetic - yet practical - improvements, all ready to welcome the warmer spring and summer months in!

Salt Lake