Great Holidays… and Great Value

Larnaka’s fantastic value as a holiday destination has recently been reaffirmed with its inclusion in a list of top 100 best value cities for holidaymakers in 2016 - an honour that encapsulates all that the Larnaka Tourism Board and Larnaka stakeholders are constantly striving for.

The list has been complied by the top hotel-booking website Trivago, which compares more than 900,000 hotels from over 250 booking sites daily. Using a specifically tailored algorithm that combines the Trivago ‘Hotel Price Index’ (average overnight accommodation prices for a standard double room on the site), with Trivago’s ‘Reputation Ranking’ for hotels (customer reviews), a ‘Best Value Index’ has been created.

Larnaka is very proud to have taken 74th place with a score of 92.99 out of 100, which is all the more significant due to its small size and relative number of hotels in comparison with other destinations. And the region is the only one on the island to place on the list!

All visitors will find that Larnaka does indeed offer great value on many levels, from the high standard of accommodation and its many fabulous dinking and drinking establishments, to its easily accessible sights and attractions. But if you need any further evidence, a visit to Larnaka to discover firsthand what makes the region such good value will not disappoint!

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