Hello to New Hotels!

A host of new and different style hotels are getting ready to open their doors to guests of the Larnaka region, from the city centre all the way up to the mountains!

Already open is the city hotel of St Elena, which comprises a spa and swimming pools in a central location. Hot on its heels in April is the opening of Mikes Kanarium in the heart of the Saint Lazarus area, offering easy access to the promenade. In May, the Ciao Stelio Deluxe Hotel will also start operating from its prime seafront location in the area of Mckenzie beach, as will the Lokal Hotel in the area of Saint Lazarus, combining a traditional building with a new one, and incorporating a gourmet bistro.

Later on in the year there will be further openings, including a former city hotel, which is located centrally between the promenade and the town centre, and will be renovated under new management. In July, the main shopping street of Zenon Kitieos will welcome the Josephine Hotel with rooftop views across the promenade. And in the same month, the mountainous village of Kato Drys will operate a niche hotel of just four rooms for nature lovers.

Back along the main hotel strip of Dekeleia Road, a selection of hotels and hotel apartments will be completely renovated and upgraded, including Lenios Beach Hotel and Michael’s Beach Hotel.

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