Kataklysmos: ‘A ‘Flood’ of Celebrations

As a region steeped in history and tradition, Larnaka has some wonderful customs and festivals, and the annual Kataklysmos celebration (Festival of the Flood) taking place on June 17-21 is one of the most popular of them all!

Now in its 101st year of organised festivities, the Larnaka celebration of Kataklysmos is the biggest on the island, and sees the entire Foinikoudes promenade utilised, from stalls along the strip and games on the sand, to a rich programme of performances across its two stages. As it is a water festival, there are also many water-based activities and competitions, as well as exhibitions and demonstrations of traditional pastimes.

Held 50 days after Easter (Pentecost), the festival is believed to have mixed roots. The word ‘kataklysmos’ (to ‘wash down’) is used to describe the biblical great flood of Noah and his ark, whilst the resurrected Agios Lazaros came ashore in Larnaka. Ancient pagan waterfront feasts that were held in honour of the Goddess of Love and Beauty Aphrodite (who was born of sea foam) may also have formed the basis of the celebration.

Whatever the origins, today the festival is a huge event that is enjoyed by locals and visitors in their thousands, and is certainly not to be missed if you are visiting Larnaka in June!

The full programme can be accessed here.

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