Keeping Larnaka’s Sands Clean… Together

The LTB has teamed up with several Larnaka region municipalities and community councils to keep Larnaka’s quality-certified coastline clean of cigarette waste this summer season.

The fantastic new initiative provides smokers with the use of free cone ashtrays on 10 of Larnaka region’s most popular beaches as an alternative to disposing of cigarettes and cigarette ends in the sand.

Wooden stands with 100 lidded, cone-shaped, biodegradable ashtrays; a steel bin, and full instructions on how to use the ashtrays are placed at the participating beaches. The stands and the ashtrays are clear to spot, thanks to the bright LTB branding on them.

Smokers are encouraged to use the ashtrays - which can easily be inserted into the sand - and then empty them into the steel bins once they are full, or the beach outing is over! We also kindly request that the ashtrays be replaced for the next user.

The initiative is extremely significant as part of Larnaka stakeholders' efforts to keep the region’s coastline pristine, safe and environmentally sustainable. Over five trillion cigarette ends are polluting the world's sands and seas on a daily basis; a hazard for marine creatures, as well as an environmental pollutant, as a cigarette end takes five years on average to biodegrade.

The beaches taking part in the pilot scheme are: Foinikoudes, Mckenzie, Kastella and Tasou Mitsopoulou Street hotel strip (Larnaka), Yiannades (Voroklini), Faros (Pervolia), Kareta-Kiti (Kiti), CTO Pyla Beach (Pyla), and Pyla and Voroklini tourist beaches.




Images 2 & 3 copyrights: City of Larnaka

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