Keeping the Arts of Lefkara Alive

The famous mountainous village of Lefkara has opened a new Handicrafts Centre where it will teach the traditional crafts of handmade lace and filigree silver to ensure its arts are kept alive for generations to come.

The new centre is housed in a building that belonged to the committee of the village’s main church – the Holy Cross - and was donated to Lefkara Municipality. The church committee also contributed financially to the project, which also received EU funding following a pilot scheme last year by the Cyprus National Commission of UNESCO – the body that cooperates with UNESCO to implement and promote projects and activities in various areas, including culture.

Mayor of Lefkara, Savvas Xenophontos says the new centre was a long-envisaged project for the village: “The idea for the centre was years in the making, especially as Lefkara is the home of traditional Cypriot embroidery. Now, with its creation, it will offer the ladies of Lefkara, and other areas of the island, the opportunity to learn the special crafts of traditional lace making, as well as filigree silver. In addition to teaching the crafts, it will also serve to maintain, preserve and promote the two unique traditions.”

Lefkara is the only place on the island that makes the authentic lace, which makes a wonderful souvenir of your trip to Larnaka.

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