Larnaka Mayor Unveils 2016 Infrastructural Plans 

The start of a new year has brought the announcement of major infrastructural projects that will regenerate dormant areas of Larnaka, improve mobility and open up new places of interest for visitors, with Larnaka’s Mayor - Andreas Louroutziatis - recently outlining some of the plans in a press interview.

In particular, the old area of Agios Ioannis will be extensively upgraded with cobbled streets, a square, park and increased accessibility, parking and pavements. The area is home to a variety of significant landmarks, including a Venetian fountain, the Greek Orthodox church of Agios Ioannis, the Catholic church of Terra Santa, the Muslim mosque of Touzla, and neighbourhoods of interesting old houses.

And with the ongoing removal of refinery facilities along Dekeleia Road, the master plan of one continuous coastline is closer to becoming a reality, whilst the beach will also benefit from five breakwaters that will help prevent erosion. Other improvements to Larnaka’s coasts will come in the form of 16 underground recycling bins at the promenades of Foinikoudes and McKenzie.

Larnaka’s old historic market will also be brought back to life after its demolition in 1996, and at its original site in the heart of the town centre, whilst a new Multipurpose Sports Centre will be built, and the Municipal Park located within the Municipal Gardens will also be fully upgraded.

With all these changes… and more, Larnaka’s future is looking very bright!

Salt Lake