Larnaka’s ‘Soul’ Captured

Anyone who has visited Larnaka knows that it has charm, soul and character, which is evident from its old architecture and historic sights to natural beauty spots and coastlines. This unique Larnaka essence has now been captured by photographer Maria Voniati in a series of evocative and atmospheric shots that are available to view on the LTB Flickr page.

The new collection of images has been photographed in a range of interesting angles to capture both hints of landmarks and sights, as well as full-on shots, painting a picture of blue skies and sea; a region that is fresh, vibrant and idyllic.

Included are some of the region’s most defining and popular attractions such the Medieval Fort, the old colonial buildings on Europe Square, Kamares aqueduct, the marina, various churches and the new Piale Pasha sea road. Maria has also perfectly captured Larnaka’s old areas with their narrow winding streets, traditional architecture and distinctive stone work. And although some of these parts may be hidden, after seeing a glimpse of them, you will be sure to want to discover them properly!

These new images add to the existing selection on the Flickr page, which can be accessed here. 

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