Leading the Way in St. Lazarus

The LTB has launched a new project aimed at sprucing up the town and removing ‘visual pollution’ in the form of building signs and obstructions on pavements.

The action-plan, in cooperation with Larnaka Municipality and the CTO, is beginning with the area of Saint Lazarus Church, which is one of the town’s most defining landmarks. The establishments that surround the church and its pretty square will remove all their old signage this spring for the first phase of the vision.

The 30 old signs that have been earmarked for the upgrades will be recycled, and any funds from the scrap metal will be put towards the new signs, which will be uniform, attractive, and follow certain safety criteria to ensure that their presence is beneficial.

In addition to new, more attractive signage, the buildings of the area will also be painted, with more greenery also added in the general vicinity.

The aim of the initiative is to make Larnaka's commercial and touristic areas more tidy and attractive. Following Saint Lazarus, the other parts of the town centre and the coastal tourist areas will also be added to the project, which will greatly contribute to maintaining a pleasant aesthetic element to the region’s character.

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