Lefkara Loved as Far as Japan

The mountainous Larnaka village of Lefkara has long been famed for its picturesque charm, and now it is loved as far afield as Japan, with its inclusion on the list of ‘Europe’s 30 Most Beautiful Villages’ by Japan’s Association of Travel Agents, (JATA).

The village is well known for its narrow, winding streets and traditional architecture, but it is most notable for its enduring handicrafts of embroidered lace (Lefkaritika) and silverware – both of which have thrived in the village since Venetian times. Legend even has it that the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci visited the village in 1481, and bought a lace altar cloth that he donated to Milan Cathedral.

The village’s popularity in Japan is largely thanks to one Japanese travel agent who has been organising Cyprus trips that incorporate a visit to the village for the last five years. As a result, stunning photography of Lefkara was featured at the EXPO Japan 2015 tourism exhibition, which took place in Tokyo at the end of September.

Lefkara mayor Savvas Xenofontos said of the honour: “We welcome yet another distinction for the village, and the fact that the village has preserved its character and its unique elements is significant.”

A trip to Lefkara is included on the Complimentary Winter Activities programme, which can be accessed here.

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