LTB Annual General Meeting

The Larnaka Tourism Board held its 2nd Annual General Meeting on June 5, 2013 at the Sandy Beach Hotel, attended by MPs, civic leaders, tourism officials and members of institutions and organizations, as well as Larnaka entrepreneurs who are active in the field of tourism. Speeches were given by the Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry & Tourism – Mr George Lakkotrypis, the Chairman of The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) – Mr Alekos Orountiotis, and the Chairman of the Larnaka Tourism Board – Mr Dinos Lefkaritis.

Addressing the meeting, Mr Lakkotrypis emphasized the region’s broad appeal and diversity: “Larnaka has established itself as an all-year destination with rich cultural and environmental appeal, fantastic infrastructure and unique monuments.” He also praised the Larnaka Tourism Board for achieving much in its five years of operation.

Mr Orountiotis echoed Mr Lakkotrypis sentiments on the work of the Larnaka Tourism Board, which he said had made “remarkable efforts to promote Cyprus at home and abroad”, whilst Mr Dinos Lefkaritis’ speech highlighted the strengths of the region which, thanks to all the projects in the pipeline made it “Larnaka’s time now”.

During the Annual Meeting, the 2013 'Larnaka Tourism Development Award' was given to easyJet for increasing its flights to Larnaka Airport, and the 'Larnaka Tourism Upgrading & Enrichment Award' to the management of Kastela Beach for the significant upgrading of the beach.

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