Meet the People Behind Larnaka Tourism… Joanna Florentiadou

The Larnaka Tourism Board is comprised of a group of people who all have a passion for Larnaka and are committed to its ongoing development and enhancement, one of which is Ms Joanna Florentiadou, the Larnaka Hotel Association President and Director of Sandy Beach Hotel, located along the Larnaka-Dekeleia Road.

Joanna’s ties with Larnaka date back to 1984 when her family invested in the Sandy Beach Hotel. In 1992, she took the helm of the hotel and started to become active in the various tourism related committees of Larnaka “in order to contribute to placing this wonderful region amongst the leading tourist resorts of our island where it very much deserves to be.”

Joanna loves how Larnaka is a perfect blend of ‘east meets west’ and says “what is there not to like about Larnaka - where the magical blue waters can have you daydreaming for hours... the breathtaking view of the salt lake with the flamingos swaying majestically, and the warm hearts of its people that keep this town constantly buzzing with life and laughter.”

Her recipe for the perfect Larnaka day includes a morning of waterskiing, horse riding around the salt lake and diving at the renowned Zenovia wreck, followed by a sunset cruise on a yacht “with a refreshing glass of wine and beloved friends to help you enjoy the moment.”

Joanna believes that the future of Larnaka as a tourist destination is “extremely promising” thanks to projects in the pipeline, including the new luxury marina with its exclusive hotels, and the restoration of Larnaka port as an international cruise port, which will all “place Larnaka on the map as a leading hub”.

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