Pervolia Upgrades Progressing Perfectly!

The lovely coastal village of Pervolia will be unveiling its finished enhancements this autumn, including a pretty and modern new coastal walkway that is set to impress both locals and visitors alike.

Construction on the walkway began last year, and the conclusion of the first phase from the iconic Lighthouse (Faros) to 'Journalist’s Village' (a holiday retreat) is due in October. The walk offers stunning, unobstructed sea views, incorporating cycle lanes, lighting, green areas, kiosks and parking at various points.

Phase two will see the walkway extend to Meneou village – another tranquil coastal area of greater Larnaka, and will soon be underway, making the completed path a highly anticipated future asset to the region.

In addition to the walkway, six breakwaters are also in the making to ensure that coastal erosion does not threaten Pervolia’s pristine beaches, with the project estimated to be completed in March 2018, whilst a contemporary new Cultural Centre is due to open on September 22 this year; an outdoor stage by July 2018, as well as plans for a new Folk Art Museum.

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