Phenomenal Success for Eco-ashtrays

In June, The LTB launched an initiative to keep Larnaka’s beautiful beaches free of cigarette ends by placing stands of reusable eco-ashtrays on 10 of the most popular organised coasts. Our promise was to count all the cigarette ends that were collected at the end of the summer, and the results are in!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that a whopping 84,300 cigarette ends (weighing 42.15 kg in total) were disposed of in the specially provided bins in June, July and August, rather than on our sands, making the pilot year a huge success.

The ashtrays have now been removed and will be reinstated at the start of the next bathing season, so look out for their distinctive dressing with the LTB logo and trademark colours.

And of course, we wholeheartedly thank everyone who used the ashtrays, as the initiative would not have been successful without the efforts and cooperation of smokers themselves.

In doing so, you helped us to maintain the high quality of Larnaka’s beaches - and to make them more attractive and enjoyable for all.

We look forward to even greater success next summer…

Salt Lake