Piale Pasha: The Perfect Sea Stroll

Following the complete redevelopment of Piale Pashia (the strip that bridges the beaches of Foinikoudes and McKenzie), the new sea road is currently the favourite spot for a stroll, run and cycle thanks to its fantastic new paths.

Starting from the Medieval Fort at the end of the Foinikoudes promenade, the new road consists of two parallel walking paths; one on road level - partitioned with glass panels that do not obstruct the sea views - and a second, lower walkway with a feeling of ‘walking on water’. After the paths terminate, a cycle and pedestrian path continues towards McKenzie.

The redevelopment of the area means that you can now walk the entire length of Foinikoudes to McKenzie with uninterrupted sea views, passing some interesting spots along the way. The walk is around five kilometres in length and aside from the beautiful views of the sea, you will pass traditional tavernas - offering fish and meat meze - and the old Turkish Cypriot neighbourhoods with their workshops. Further along is the quaint fishing harbour, where several traditional fish restaurants are situated, and adjacent is the upgraded beach of Castella. Parallel to the beach you will find a section of ice-cream parlours that then lead on to quieter beaches before finally reaching the trendy McKenzie beach strip!

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