Revamped Village Squares

If you visit any of the lovely villages in the Larnaka region, you will find that the hub of activity is the traditional village square, and the villages of Livadia and Kiti have made some changes to theirs this season!

The central square is customarily built with a church as its focal point, and plays an important role in the lives of the villagers. It is used for community gatherings and activities, including religious fairs, market stalls and seasonal entertainment.

Livadia’s square surrounds the church of Saint Paraskevi, and adjoins a park. Its upgrades include the creation of a Museum of Weaving (due to open by the end of the year), a multipurpose centre, and an exhibition centre. Towards the end of November, basket weaving demonstrations and workshops will commence, with a view to also adding other traditional handicrafts in the future. Mayor of Livadia - Marios Armenis - says that the new facilities will serve as a showcase of traditional handicrafts, and welcomes visitors to come and learn all about the local customs – as well as participate in them.

Kiti’s square centres the church of Archangel Michael, and its renovation has been a three-year project. The area has been given new paving, four car parks, benches, characteristic lighting, covered/lighted areas, and greenery. It is also flanked by cafes, restaurants and a Museum of Culture, where visitors can see agricultural equipment and exhibits related to jobs practised by the villagers in olden days. The Community Council says that visitors can pass both an enjoyable day or evening at the picturesque square and its environs, which also makes a great starting point to explore the rest of the village.

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