Say Cheese… in Flamingo Style!

Taking holiday snaps is always a wonderful way to preserve the memories of a great trip, and from the beginning of July, visitors to Larnaka can take a photo close-up with several flamingos all around the region.

Whilst our real feathered friends are taking a break from Larnaka and will return again in March, they kindly left their own holiday snaps for visitors in the form of nine, fun cut-outs, which you will find in some of the most popular areas of the region.

The travelling flamingos are waiting to be photographed enjoying lots of different activities in Larnaka that they would like to recommend to you! Having selected some of their favourites, the cut-outs can be found at the site of the activity: a dive at the Zenobia Wreck; a cocktail and dancing at Mckenzie; a relaxing coffee at Foinikoudes promenade; a cycle ride through Pervolia; watersports and sunbathing on the beaches of Pyla and Voroklini; kitesurfing in Kiti, and birdwatching at Voroklini Lake and Larnaka Salt Lake (where you will see them between March and November).

And just for fun, why not challenge yourself to find and photograph all nine whilst visiting Larnaka – you will certainly have a wonderful time along the way!

Salt Lake