Sculptures in the Sand

Children love to play in the sand, and the Larnaka branch of the Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts has recognised the endless possibilities that sand offers for creativity by introducing fun sand sculpture tutorials.

The lessons are offered in small groups by a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts and incur a nominal fee. During the tutorial, children will be shown how to use tools – such as spatulas and rakes - and the sun’s shadows to create sculptures with depth and emphasis. The main themes are figures - the human body, the face and different elements of people.

A member of the Chamber of Fine Arts says that sand is the ideal material for sculpting: “The sand offers vast and limitless scope for creating as there is plenty of it, the spaces are open and big and the material is very versatile. Children will be naturally inspired by both the sea and outdoor environment, as well as by the things they have seen and done on the island. It is such a unique experience and one that they always enjoy, as well as giving them a lasting memory and skill from their holiday.”

For more information, contact: 24657070 or email

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