Successful Synergy for Larnaka Improvements

The ongoing efforts to make and maintain Larnaka an aesthetically pleasant place for both locals and visitors alike continues with the assistance of the private sector, which has pledged to contribute to various improvements.

So far, over 10 private companies have expressed an interest in ‘adopting’ a park or roundabout through sponsorship for its upgrading, with several projects already started or completed.

Namely, Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd has sponsored the landscaping of road islands along Dekeleia Road. The company provided the plants - which include 100 palm trees - and Larnaka Municipality is providing the water supply. Local flowering oleander and white pebbles will be added in autumn. 

Also currently underway is the landscaping of the roundabout on the busy thoroughfare that links Larnaka to Limassol, Fanerοmenis Avenue and GSZ stadium. This second Petrolina (Holdings) Public Ltd sponsored project will include palm trees, grass, bushes and seasonal plants, as well as three flamingo sculptures by a renowned local artist (perspectives 1 & 2).  The works will finish by the end of June, whilst the impressive flamingos will be added in autumn.

The project forms part of the municipality’s framework for improving and upgrading daily living conditions with immediate solutions, with a two-fold aim: to make Larnaka more colourful and attractive; and also to provide much-needed greenery for health and air quality.



Perspectives copyrights: Fytokosmos Gardens (1 &2), M. Voniati (3)

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