Super Spring Selections

Walking in Larnaka during spring is like walking through ‘a carpet of colour and a bouquet of perfume’ as the region unfolds in a rainbow palette not seen at any other time of year!

If you enjoy a good walk, then you are spoiled for choice between the many nature trails in mountainous areas, and the city walks that combine nature with culture, and we list a few of our super spring selections here. But there are many more, which you can also find here (town walks) and here (district walks).

Kionia – Prophet Elias: A trail that is 7kms long and takes about three hours to complete, passing though the Prophet Elias Monastery with its natural spring.

Larnaka – Voroklini Beach Trail: A long but comfortable walk of several kilometres, parallel to the coast of Larnaka towards Voroklini and Pyla, awarded an international architectural prize for its stone – cement - wood - pier construction.

The Salt Lake Nature Trail: This 4km trail has two starting points; at the Kamares Aqueduct and the salt collection plateau and is part of the European Walking Route E4.

The Pattichio Park Trail: A large natural park with an amphitheatre in the middle, which is part of the greater Salt Lake Park and lit in the evenings.

Salt Lake