That Friday feeling!

Everybody loves Friday and the prospect of a weekend to enjoy, and if you are visiting Larnaka, then you will have no problem filling up the days with interesting things to see and do!

To help you decide what and where to visit in our lovely town, we will be recommending one great sight or hot spot every Friday on our Facebook page – Larnaka Tourism – under the title ‘Where to Go this Weekend’.

But there is a twist! The recommendations are not the usual, well-known attractions and sites, but rather, those less known gems that you will delight in discovering and uncovering, such as short excursions, ‘hidden’ workshops, museums, nature trails, cycling routes and tips on where to find the most stunning views.

One of our recommendations so far was a visit to the Ktima Chritoudia winery in the mountainous village of Kato Drys where you can taste the local wine varieties such as Xynisteri (white) and Maratheftiko (red). Our top tip was to try their delicious sousouko (grape must sweet) covered in chocolate, as well as a visit to the nearby 15th century Saint Minas convent.

All you have to do to receive these recommendations, is visit our Facebook page – Larnaka Tourism - every Friday, then get out and about and exploring!


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