You Love our Locals!

Larnaka region is very proud of its high rate of repeat visitors, confirming that it is not just our migrating flamingos that like to return year after year. But we are most proud of the reason why Larnaka remains a favourite in the hearts of our guests…

…Of course, there are many reasons cited for loving Larnaka, from the beautiful beaches and delicious traditional cuisine, to the convenience of the town and its many authentic cultural experiences, but above all these is the reputation of the locals for being welcoming, friendly and accommodating, creating a true sense of returning ‘home’ for so many guests.

Through the many awards we have given to repeat visitors under the scheme ‘Larnaka’s Loyal Friends’, we are honoured to hear time and time again that one of the main reasons they have racked up so many visits is thanks to the region’s residents, from staff at hotels and restaurants, to people they meet – and befriend – along the way.

But don’t just take our word for it; read some of the comments, and discover that ‘the lovely locals’ are certainly popular, and always there with a smile to welcome you back!


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