Tochni Village Becomes Latest Member of LTB

The Larnaka Tourism Board is pleased to welcome the stunning village of Tochni as a new member of our ever-growing family.

Situated halfway between Larnaka and Lemesos, the village is one of the oldest villages on the island with references dating back to medieval times where the village was marked as ‘Togni’ on maps of that era. Today, it is a popular agrotourism village thanks to it’s beautifully restored traditional stone houses, made with local stone that is quarried nearby.

Blessed with picturesque natural surroundings, the village provides the ideal scenery for outdoor activities such as climbing, cycling and hiking with designated bike and nature trails, stone bridges and attractions such as the churches and Ecclesiastical Museum.

The Tochni Community Council are pleased to be part of the Larnaka Tourism Board and are ready to welcome more visitors: “We are very happy to be part of such a proactive organisation and look forward to showing visitors the traditional, stone beauty of our serene village.”

Tochni is included on the bus route so it is easy for visitors to travel to and from the village. Guests staying at a Larnaka hotel anytime from November 1, 2013 - March 31, 2014 can enjoy a trip to Tochni free-of-charge as part of the complimentary winter activities timetable. The trip includes a traditional cooking session that will have you falling in love with the Cypriot cuisine!

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