Weekend Opening for Larnaka Medieval Castle

As one of the most historic and significant sites in Larnaka, the Medieval Castle is a popular tourist attraction, as well as a beautiful setting for summer performances and weddings in its courtyards. The Department of Antiquities - which sets the castle’s timetable and gives permission for visitors and events there – have recently amended the opening hours to include weekends, a welcome decision which will give more visitors to the town the opportunity to experience this unique piece of history.

The castle – located at the end of the promenade - is one of Larnaka’s most historic landmarks and was built in 1625. It was used as a prison during the first years of British rule and now serves as a museum and open-air theatre. Visitors can see original cannons and other weapons, or enjoy the view across the Mediterranean from the top of the castle. The picturesque and unique setting of the inner courtyard is a beautiful combination of ancient stone and lush green foliage and is used for open-air productions in the summer months.

With the new timetable, the castle will open on weekdays throughout the summer from 8am – 7.30pm, and on weekends from 9.30am – 5pm.

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