Agios Lazaros Byzantine Museum

Houses a rare collection of ecclesiastical treasures

Kition Archaeological Site

An important archaeological site of the 9th century BC

Armenian Genocide Memorial

Monument in honour of the Armenian genocide victims

Bust of General Kimon

In honour of Athenian General Kimon

Kamares: The Old Aqueduct of Larnaka

Grand arches once part of the old aqueduct 

Kyriazis Medical Museum

Showcases Cyprus' medical history

Larnaka Art Workshops Neighbourhood

Art workshops nestled within the old city quarters

Larnaka Cultural Walk

Explore the city's attractions on foot with three defined walks

Larnaka District Archaeological Museum

Archaeological findings from the Neolithic to Roman era

Larnaka Medieval Castle

Grand Medieval fort

Medieval Museum

Museum within the famous Larnaka Fort

Municipal Art Gallery

Gallery housed in a restored Colonial building on Europe Square

Municipal Gardens

Incorporating a theatre, library, museum and playground

Municipal Museum of Natural History

Local flora, fauna and rare fossils displays

Salt & Pepper Museum

An ecclectic collection of different salt and pepper shakers.

Traditional City Quarter (Laiki Yeitonia)

Traditional quarter with vibrant nightlife

Winged Lion of Venice

A gift to Larnaka from Venice to mark the twinning of the cities

Zeno of Kition Statue

Statues honouring the Great Philosopher

Salt Lake