Meet the People Behind Larnaka Tourism… Victor Mantovani

The Larnaka Tourism Board is comprised of a group of people who all have a passion for Larnaka and are committed to its ongoing development and enhancement. One of these is Mr Victor Mantovani, Chairman of the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA) and Managing Director of Mantovani Plotin Travel.

Victor Mantovani has been actively bringing visitors to Larnaka for over 30 years at the helm of the town’s largest inbound travel agency, and as Chairman of the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA) for the last six.

When it comes to the region’s attraction, Victor believes that the town offers a unique advantage in what it offers: “Larnaka is a small town where visitors will find an authentic experience, mingling with the locals and their traditions. There isn’t that fabricated resort feel where tourists eat at certain restaurants and locals at others.”

The other unique selling point Victor feels Larnaka has is its suitability for all seasons: “Larnaka is ideal for off-peak seasons and is an excellent winter destination. Aside from our lovely beaches, we offer so much more as a region.”

When it comes to his own personal favourites, Victor has a soft spot for the traditional: “I particularly like our town centre where you will find small little corners of the old, alongside the modern, and the character of traditional villages like Tochi and Kavalassos.”

And as for the future? Victor says Larnaka is on its way up: “With developments like the vision of a unified coast, Larnaka has all the ingredients for a modern, yet not fully-commercialised destination where visitors feel at home.”

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