Spring Brings… The Cutest Baby Animals!

As the season of renewal and births, spring in Larnaka has brought some very cute and furry new arrivals to the region’s Camel Park and Golden Donkeys Farm.

The Camel Park in the rural village of Mazotos recently welcomed a baby Walaby named Walapino, and a new camel named Xenia, which are delighting visitors. Aside from the new babies, the park is also home to other assorted animals that guests can feed with their favourite dried carob pods, with the possibility of more births this season…

Golden Donkeys Farm in the pretty village of Skarinou also recently welcomed some babies of its own, including Grigoris, who is the son of resident donkey Magdalena. The farm is also awaiting the birth of another 35 donkeys from May onwards, some of which visitors will get to meet when it holds its third annual Donkey Festival on May 07 and 08. The festival has proven to be very popular so far and celebrates the island’s original mode of transport (the donkey!), as well as the traditions of the island.

Although very different in character, both parks are a wonderful place for a spring outing in the region’s countryside. Visitors can ride the camels or donkeys; take in the lovely rural areas of Larnaka, enjoy traditional food, and a whole host of other activities.

More information on the Camel Park: http://www.camel-park.com/ 
More information on the Donkey Farm: https://www.facebook.com/goldendonkeys 

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