Upgrades for Larnaka District Museum

The district of Larnaka has a rich history that spans different civilizations over the course of hundreds of years, the remnants of which are housed in its interesting and informative District Museum.

The museum was founded in 1969 and has seen several changes and expansions since its inception. Currently, it is undergoing renovations to its west wing – which showcases the Iron Age - to further enhance the presentation of its exhibits, and these are due for completion before the end of the year.

The complete refurbishment will show the exhibits in a more modern and comprehensive manner, complete with detailed information to give visitors a better overview of the history of Ancient Kition – the original town of Larnaka. Included in the west wing are pottery pieces, statues and statuettes, coins, inscriptions and six sarcophagi that are of particular significance, amongst other exhibits.

The museum’s other sections house a variety of finds from the different ages; Neolithic times, the Copper Era, and the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods. Many of the artefacts come from the important settlements of Choirokoitia and Kalavasos.

During the renovations, part of the west wing will remain closed, but the rest of the museum is open for business as usual. For more information on the museum, click here

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