A Window to Worlds

With all events cancelled for spring, and citizens asked to remain at home, Larnaka Municipality is bringing the arts straight to residents and friends of Larnaka region by broadcasting entertaining videos during the Covid-19 global pandemic.

With the hashtag #Ménoumespíti (‘we stay at home’), Larnaka Municipality is posting regular, short videos of performances and entertainment on its Facebook page under the ‘Cultural Window’ banner.

The ‘Cultural Window’ videos all appear in a charming blue shuttered window animation – much like the windows you can see on houses in the neighbourhoods of Larnaka old town! These windows act as a glimpse inside the world of culture and arts, and clips include choral performances, musical performances from members of the Larnaka Philharmonic Wind Band… and more.

In addition to the cultural videos, the Municipality is also posting videos from its ‘Open School’ evening classes. These videos are interactive and offer viewers something to learn and join in with.

Made at home by tutors showcasing the things they would usually be teaching their students; the videos offer a fantastic opportunity for everyone to benefit from these lessons. Videos cover instruction on Cyprus herbs, Pilates and exercise routines, cooking demonstrations, crafts and dance lessons.

So, until you can enjoy all this – and more – in person, let Larnaka Municipality entertain and enlighten you through the marvel of technology!

Salt Lake