Crafted by Hand in Mountainous Larnaka

The communities of mountainous Larnaka - and organisations such as the Larnaka Tourism Board and the Women's Association of Rural Larnaka - work tirelessly to keep the island’s handcrafted culinary and folkloric traditions alive so that they can be appreciated and enjoyed for generations to come. 

Continuing in this quest, a new video showcasing the handicrafts of the area has been created and will be shown at the Women's Association of Rural Larnaka's premises in charming Agios Theodoros village, along with the welcome news that the association will also operate an open-air market within its grounds.

The new video entitled ‘Crafted by Hand – Cypriot Art in Mountainous Larnaka’ gives a glimpse of rural Larnaka’s local artisans at work as they diligently and painstakingly create their unique, time-honoured crafts – many of which can only be found in certain villages. Visitors to the association’s premises will be able to watch the video as an introduction to the rich crafts, and it can also be viewed on YouTube.

Various handmade Cypriot food and treats and skilled handicrafts are Included in the video: 

  • Silversmithing / filigree 
  • Pottery making
  • Basket weaving
  • Candle making
  • Mosaic art
  • Byzantine Iconography
  • Crochet knitting
  • Lefkara embroidered lace
  • Biscuits with Lefkara lace motiff
  • Biscuits with terabinth berries 
  • Lefkara loukoumi (Cyprus Delights)
  • Soutzoukos (grape must sweet)
  • Halloumi cheese making
  • Anari cheese making
  • Handmade village pasta

The new, open-air market is something that has been eagerly anticipated and will allow the members to display and sell their quality, locally-produced and handmade wares - encouraging both locals and visitors to buy fresh goods directly from the producers.

The association and its members are already well-known for their popular and sought-after savoury and sweet handmade delicacies, which they sell at traditional festivals and fetes held around the island throughout the year. The success of the stalls prompted the creation of a permanent market space within the association’s grounds.

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