Discover the Island’s Most Ancient City!

One of the distinctive features of the Larnaka region – and a key element that sets it apart from the rest of Cyprus – is its status as the oldest, continually inhabited area of the island. This rich, ancient history defines and influences Larnaka through its monuments, sites, culture and character, and has recently been recognised by the UK’s respected Telegraph newspaper in an online article.

Under the title ‘Europe’s 16 Oldest Cities’, Larnaka is featured as number 9 in the list that showcases the oldest cities still accessible to visitors, thanks to its evidenced history of civilisation dating as far back as 1,300 BC (Pre-Neolithic period).

As a visitor you will no doubt delight in seeing and experiencing such valuable history as you explore the region, and if you need any tips on what to see, the Telegraph’s article recommends ancient Kition/Citium, Agios Lazaros (Saint Lazarus) Church, and the Hala Sultan Tekke mosque for starters.

Further afield in the region, the Neolithic settlement of Choirokoitia (25km west of Larnaka) is considered to be the first 'urban' settlement in Europe, and is recognised by UNESCO. Additional Neolithic discoveries have also been made at Larnaka Salt Lake and at the site of Ancient Kition, with some of the handmade pieces from this period exhibited at the Pierides Museum.

For a brief chronological history of the region, click here.

Salt Lake