Enjoy Easter in Larnaka

April 20 marks Easter Sunday for both Orthodox and Western Easter this year, and whether you celebrate Easter or not, the run up to this important religious festival with its special customs is interesting to behold.

Visitors are welcome to observe the church services during the week, which include the burning of an effigy of Judas on a bonfire, and fireworks set off at the moment of Christ’s resurrection. The bakeries are filled with traditional baked Easter goods such as ‘tsoureki’ (a sweet bread, similar to brioche) and ‘flaounes’ (cheese and mint scones), both worth a taste for an authentic Cypriot culinary experience.

Larnaka also has its own unique traditions in honour of its Patron Saint and first bishop, Saint Lazarus, with the highlight being a procession of his icon around Larnka's city centre. This will take place on April 12 this year, from 8pm, and will last two and a half hours. 

The region’s hotels will be offering special packages and holding their own events to mark the occasion, as will many of the traditional villages where the old customs are most prevalent.

Happy Easter - Kalo Pascha!

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