Experience the Zenobia in a Whole New Way

A groundbreaking and award-winning new app is allowing divers innovative access to the Zenobia wreck through a digital 3D diving experience.

The world’s first real 3D dive simulation for mobile devices (Android only at present) is designed by Kallia Aristidou, and allows users to see the Zenobia – one of the top 10 wreck dives in the world - in real scale, with a host of functions designed to maximise visibility and make diving at the site safer.

An algorithm based on the theory of decompression was created for the app, and the simulation allows users to choose: up to three different gasses from 21% to 99% oxygen; their initial pressure; personal surface air consumption (SAC), and record a number of different calculations, including maximum depth, dive length, toxicity levels and the like.

Furthermore, users can take a virtual dive to explore a visual representation of the marine life around the wreck, and can also save their dive routes in 3D and share them with other divers. An e-book has also been added which includes information on all registered marine life species at the Zenobia; the story of the wreck and information about Larnaka.

The Zenobia is a Swedish roll-on-roll-off ferry that sank in 1980. It is the largest wreck in the Mediterranean at 165 metres long, 23 metres wide, and 21 metres high, and features varied cargo from 104 lorries, including cars, trailers, military equipment, games, food and telecommunication systems.

The wreck has enriched the biodiversity of the sea and is now an amazing reef that is home to hundreds of marine life species such as giant tuna, local barracuda, kingfish, jacks, trigger fish, moray-eels, stingrays, turtles and octopuses.

To download the app (Android only at present) click here.


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