Global Acclaim for Local Animation

Inspired by a quirky Larnaka character, the locally and independently produced animation ‘The Parrot Lady’ is gathering acclaim and accolades across the world at some of the most prestigious film festivals. 

The short film is produced by Larnaka-based Animation Studio 'Zedem Media' – with the support of the Cyprus Ministry of Culture, Education, Sport and Youth - and is inspired by a local figure who opts to live on the streets around the coast and always has her beloved pet birds with her.

Director and Producer, Michalis Kalopaidis, hopes that through this artistic interpretation of a universal story the film will “create empathy and raise awareness for the elder members of our society who live alone and whose biggest fear is that of dying alone and unnoticed.”

The 6-minute film was created with a combination of traditional and digital 2D animation techniques with special emphasis on the creation of the sound design to provide ‘an emotional undertone’. The sound design was created by Andreas Trachonitis while the film features the song 'Nocture' by the Cyprus composer Eleni Era. 

The film is making waves across the world with screenings at over 30 film festivals so far, including the OSCAR accredited festivals of Raindance (UK), Interfilm Berlin (Germany), CineLebu (Chile), In the Palace (Bulgaria) and Animest (Romania), as well as the European Film Academy accredited festivals of Drama (Greece) and ISFFC (Cyprus).

To date it has won the following awards:

  • Jury Prize for Best Animated Short Film 2021 - San Francisco Independent Film Festival
  • 1st Prize Award in the Humanitarian category - Los Angeles Animation Festival
  • Honorable Mention by the Greek Film Centre for Centre for “the sensitive, emotional and poetic approach" - AnimaSyros (Greece)

You can catch the film online during the next edition of 'Athens Animfest' which will take place on March 26-28. The film will be available for the first 300 registered users. A short teaser can be viewed here, whilst the film's dedicated Facebook page will post updates about upcoming screenings and its public release.






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