Made with Love & Tradition!

Spending more time at home has seen a huge surge in cooking and baking from scratch as many people try their hand at new recipes. But one group of women for whom this has always been a daily passion is the members of the Larnaka Rural Women’s Association, who continue to work hard to produce their homemade, traditional delicacies as normal.

The members of the association are a popular fixture at traditional events and bazaars on the island where they sell some of the island’s most beloved delicacies all made to traditional recipes that have been passed down for generations. Their work contributes to keeping the island’s culinary traditions alive and thriving, as well as giving these women a source of income.

With the current pandemic restricting movement, the association has made the innovative move to offer home delivery of the various delicacies, which has proven popular with locals, particularly during the period of Greek Orthodox Easter, which is filled with seasonal treats. Further information on which members offer this service and what kind of products you can order for local delivery are available on the association’s Facebook page.

Prior to the pandemic restrictions on movement, many of the members held workshops, cooking lessons and traditional culinary demonstrations where visitors watch and learn how some of the island’s favourite customary food is prepared. Whilst these visitor activities are on pause, we asked three of the workshop pioneers to share their favourite recipes with us so that you can try them at home!

Erimi Traditional Sweets in mountainous Vavatisinia have shared their simple recipe for strawberry jam – made in the traditional way; Tsimpi-Τσίμπι in Skarinou teaches us the step-by-step method for ‘Kaloirka’ (handmade village pasta filled with meat), and 'To Madratzi tis Yiayias' in Kato Drys introduces us to an unusual biscuit with terebinth berries called ‘Tremithopites’.

Enjoy the tastes of rural Larnaka in your own home, until these three culinary experiences – and more – are able to open their kitchens to visitors again, where they will cook for you with tradition… and a lot of love!

You can find the recipes here.

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