Technical Info:

  • Distance: 18 km
  • Level of Difficulty: Easy (+100m of total ascent)
  • Bike Required: Trekking
  • Points of Interest: Multi–religious places of worship in the city of Larnaka


Multi-religious Route (18 Km)


Although the island has strong ties to Christianity throughout its history, a basic characteristic of Cyprus is the peaceful coexistence of several other religions, including those of Catholics, Muslims, Armenians and Maronites. Larnaka is the most multi-religious area of the island, where a variety of different religions have places of worship, that sit amidst the many Greek Orthodox churches of the region – some of which you will discover on this route.

Your multi–religious bike tour starts from the CTO Information Office, located off Europe Square (at the start of the palm tree-lined promenade of ‘Foinikoudes’). Within a radius of just a few kilometres, you will find: the Catholic churches of St. Josephs Convent and Terra Santa; the Greek Orthodox churches of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Chrysopolitissa and Agios Lazaros (Saint Lazarus); the Jewish Synagogue; the mosques of Hala Sultan Tekke and Beyuk Tzami, and the Sourp Stepanos Armenian Church.

Along your route you will also have the chance to visit the Metropolitan Church of the Savior and the churches of Chrysogalaktousa and Agia Faneromeni. Whilst the map of the route follows the churches as listed above, you can always escape the route for a custom-made tour if you don’t wish to visit all of the listed churches.

As this is a city tour, despite avoiding busier roads, care still needs to be taken whilst riding your bike on the city roads, as they can become quite congested at times.

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