New Video of our Marvellous Marine Life 

If you have heard all about Larnaka region’s vibrant marine life but haven’t had a chance to discover it for yourself during a dive, you can now immerse yourself into this fascinating underwater world through a new video.

Entitled ‘Underwater Worlds of Larnaka’ the video glides through five of our most popular wrecks and dive sites, from the best known to the secret gems, following the twists and turns of caves and caverns; portholes and propellors to showcase why Larnaka region is known as a favourite diving destination.

The scene is set with the HMS Cricket; an old British river gunboat that rests upside down. It survived WW1 and was used as target practice by the UK’s RAF at Larnaka Bay, but sank in 1947 due to bad weather. Marine life here includes groupers, moray eels, octopus, sea slugs, tube worms, lionfish, starfish and bream.

Our two new artificial reefs are then introduced: the LEF1 and the Elpida. Both were sunk in December 2019 but have very quickly attracted sea life. Elpida was sunk to a depth of 32 metres whilst LEF1 was sunk to a depth of just 13 metres to create the island’s first snorkelling reef.

Pyla Caves surprises divers with its stalagmites and stalagtites, and interesting canyons that ascend from the bottom, with larger marine creatures typically found amidst its rock formations.

The video culminates with the legendary Zenobia – one of the world’s top ranking wreck dive sites. So big that two dives are recommended, the vessel lies on her port side and enchants with a huge array of marine life including lionfish, barracuda, sea slugs, stingrays, tube worms, star fish, turtles and octopus. Its cargo bay with trucks, the various equipment, and the two enormous propellors at the final stage of the dive are all highlights.

Watch the video here. 

Images: Alexandros Papandreou

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