Participation in Erasmus Tourism Programmes

The Larnaka Tourism Board and its associates regularly participate in various European tourism programmes, including two recent Erasmus programmes; one on cultural skills among tourism sector staff, and one that focuses on small sustainable tourism enterprises.

The LTB is taking part in the CS.Tour project which aims to develop a customised training course for staff in the tourism and hospitality industry to help participants develop the appropriate interpersonal and cultural awareness skills; the ability to recognise cultural differences in personal values and behaviour, and to manage cultural diversity.

More information can be found here.

Technical Training Cyprus is representing Larnaka’s current participation in the European-funded Skilltour project, which is aimed at making rural tourism business more sustainable for small or family-run businesses by improving core skills. The project started in September 2015 and will run until August 2017.

The main objective of the project is to develop innovative, high quality learning materials for those who run or plan to run a micro/family tourism business in ‘remote’ rural areas of Europe.

More information can be found in the informative video.


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