Pretty in Pink… Welcoming Larnaka’s Flamingos Back!

It’s that time of year again… when Larnaka warmly welcomes its favourite feathered friends back to the salt lake. And they seem to approve of our new campaign because true to form, they have done as the slogan says and continued to show their love and preference for Larnaka!

The bright pink flocks that fill Larnaka’s four salt lakes (predominantly ‘Aliki’ lake), as well as Voroklini Lake from November – March each year are the Greater Flamingo species, stopping off along their migratory route to enjoy the brine shrimp that multiplies in the lakes when there is sufficient water.

When there are higher water levels, their numbers can reach tens of thousands, with their distinctive honking noise enjoyed by walkers along Aliki’s winding nature path. The honking is actually the flamingo’s way of communicating that they need to stay together, and they shy away from humans coming too close to their habitat.

And whilst we always enjoy looking at your photos of the flamingos at the lake – and encourage you to share them with us, we would like to remind visitors to respect these magnificent birds and the delicate – and protected – eco system of the lakes, and avoid excessive intrusion and disturbances at the sites.

Images copyrights (from left - right): Harris Maratheftis, Angela Evangelou, Romos Kotsonis, Pantelis Nicolaides. 

Salt Lake