The Joy of Returning to Larnaka

Falling in love with Larnaka is easy to do, as the region’s many repeat visitors will tell you… it’s not just the flamingos that like to return to Larnaka year after year!

Ensuring that Larnaka becomes a favourite destination is one of the main aims of the LTB, and in the past eight years since the tourism board was formed, many initiatives and enhancements have been undertaken to make the region exciting and interesting all-year-round. As such, it is no surprise that Larnaka has the highest percentage of repeat visitors amongst Cyprus’ coastal cities – a status we are proud of and aim to maintain.

The latest statistics (2013) show Larnaka topping the repeat visitor rate with a significant 59.3%. And as our ‘Larnaka’s Loyal Friends’ awards show, some visitors have clocked up to 70 visits over the years! The reasons they give for returning include: the friendliness of the locals; the authentic experience that combines the traditional and the modern, and the convenience of the region for travel and sightseeing, amongst many others.

With this unique bond that Larnaka has with its visitors, we are pleased to announce that the new identity for Larnaka tourism will also reflect how the region manages to capture the hearts of both tourists… and pink feathered friends!

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